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1960s Photo Gallery

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Cressida Potter holidayed on the Norfolk Broads with her parents on three occasions between 1962 and 1964, hiring from Hipperson’s at Beccles, Laura Craft at Martham and Bure Slipways of Great Yarmouth.

Hippersons boatyard at Beccles 1962

W736 “Glamorous Days” pictured at H.E. Hipperson’s boatyard at Beccles in 1962. Hiring from the same boatyard, Cressida remembers that they made friends with the family on board this cruiser during the week.

Hippersons boatyard at Beccles 1962

The 24ft, 3 berth “Sunny Days” W481 which Cressida and her family holidayed aboard in 1962, pictured at Hipperson’s boatyard in Beccles.

Lorelei from Laura Craft of Martham 1963

In 1963, the family returned and hired S433 “Lorelei” from Laura Craft of Martham.

Thurne Dyke 1963

The motor cruiser “Lorelei” pictured at Thurne Dyke in 1963.

Lorelei 1963

The 1960 built “Lorelei” was 26ft in length and slept three. There were two berths in the forward cabin, along with a small galley and WC, and a single aft cabin. In 1960, Lorelei cost £35 to hire for a week during August.

Coltishall common 1963

Lorelei, on the left, pictured at what looks like the far end of Coltishall Common moorings in 1963.

Thurne Dyke 1964

For their final Broadland holiday, in August 1964, Cressida’s family hired W792 “Jill Andrea” from Bure Slipways (Lee & Boswell) at Great Yarmouth, seen here at Thurne Dyke.

Thurne Dyke 1964 Acle Bridge Inn 1964

Another photograph of “Jill Andrea” at Thurne Dyke.

Cressida and her mother at the Bridge Inn, Acle in 1964.

Jill Andrea 1964 Herbert Woods boatyard at Potter Heigham 1964

Cressida and her family onboard “Jill Andrea” in 1964

Moored at Herbert Woods boatyard in Potter Heigham in August 1964.

Herbert Woods boatyard at Potter Heigham 1964

Another photograph taken at Herbert Woods boatyard, with the cruiser “Jill Andrea” seen moored in the foreground.

Herbert Woods boatyard at Potter Heigham 1964

This also appears to have been taken at Herbert Woods boatyard.

Jill Andrea 1964

The final photograph from Cressida’s collection shows the motor cruiser “Jill Andrea” moored at an unknown location.

Wroxham aerial view c1960 Wroxham aerial view c1960 Wroxham Broad aerial view c1960 Wroxham Broad aerial view c1960 Ranworth Maltsters c1960 Top The Pleasants Family 1961

Doug Pleasants with his mother and sister outside the Maltsters Inn at Ranworth c1961.

Reeddside at Ranworth c1960

Reedside at Ranworth c1960. Doug remembers;” It was about two minutes from the Maltsters at Ranworth originally purchased by my father as a ‘getaway’ from the pub. We didn’t use it very often and it was let to holidaymakers. Although my father owned it, he didn’t own the land it stood on, so he sold it. It’s now been rebuilt.

Another small collection of photographs from the Pleasants Family. More of the family’s photos can be found in the 1900-1949 and the 1950s gallery pages.

An aerial view of Hoveton/Wroxham which dates from around 1960. You can see Roys main department store in the centre of the photograph with Wroxham Bridge in the bottom, right corner.

A closer aerial view of the Kings Head Hotel at Hoveton c1960.

Aerial view of Wroxham Broad c1960. I can see at least two or three wherries moored in the foreground here, so I wonder whether this would have been regatta week.

Another aerial view of Wroxham Broad c1960.

Outside the Maltsters Inn at Ranworth c1960. Geoffrey Pleasants was the licensee at the Maltseters between 1956 and 1962 having previously been the landlord at the Kings Head Hotel in Hoveton. Most of the people seen here were identified for me by Vaughan Ashby whose father, Commander Ron Ashby of Hearts Cruisers, is seen on the right, his mother Eileen is third from the left. The lady next to her is Vicky Campbell, whilst the gentleman second from the right was Jack Collins who was the general manager of the Ford dealership Days of Lowestoft at Oulton Broad. The gentleman on the far left hasn’t been identified as yet. Vaughan recalls: “My parents were great friends of the Pleasants family (as they were with most all of the publicans on the Broads). The gunboat that we lived on in Thorpe was Morning Flight and his sailing boat (river cruiser no 2) was Evening Flight. The old dog in the photo was "Flight" and was my father's gundog for many years. As she is obviously old and retired in the photo this would put it as early 1960's.  My mother had a poodle which had a pedigree name a yard long but was known as "Sweet Pea". She would have won best of class in the Royal Norfolk Show  but was marked down because she had the wrong clip. This was because she was a working dog (poodles are natural hunting dogs) and was "trained to a gun" along with father's Labradors. My father's passion was wildfowling and he and my mother (who fired a Jeffery 20 bore) often went shooting with Geoff Pleasants, who was an excellent shot. The most difficult birds to shoot are Woodcock, since they live in the woods on the edge of marshes, typical of the Broads and flit about in the trees at low level and high speed. In those days  there was a tradition (which may still exist) that if you got a "right and left" at Woodcock (one bird with each double barrel) and had it  witnessed, you could claim a bottle of whisky from the Queen. One day on a syndicate shoot near Ranworth, Geoff got his right and left at Woodcock. It was witnessed by my parents and some others and the two birds (the proof) were retrieved from the marsh by my mother's poodle. And yes. he got his bottle of whisky!

Hoveton Kings Head Hotel 1963 Hoveton Kings Head Hotel 1963 Hoveton Kings Head Hotel 1963 Hoveton Kings Head Hotel 1963 Next Prev

Four photographs of the Kings Head Hotel at Hoveton which date from 1963 and were sent to me by the crew of the Houseboat Heather who kindly scanned these images which were given to them by Maureen Hooten. The photos belonged to her parents-in-law, Mr and Mrs Edward Hooten, who kept boats on the Norfolk Broads for many years.  

The Kings Head Hotel at Hoveton, pictured by the Hooten family in 1963.

The boat shed at the Kings Head Hotel at Hoveton with the Horseshoes pub seen in the background which underwent a major rebuild and refurbishment in 1961.

Looking upstream from the boat shed at the Kings Head Hotel in 1963.

The final photograph from the set shows Mr & Mrs Hooten outside the Kings Head with another un-named couple.