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1970s Photo Gallery

In September 2016, I purchased a large collection of 35mm colour slides for Broadland Memories, the bulk of which dated from the 1970s, with the first set credited to 1971. The photographs document holidays taken throughout the decade by one family, initially on a houseboat at Hoveton, followed by a couple of trips on motor cruisers before switching to sailing holidays. These were sourced via a dealer and, sadly, they came with very little information attached to them . The photographer was clearly a keen amateur and, from the way the slides were organised in the carousels, I would assume he was either a member of a local camera club or liked to give slide shows for family and friends. The vital piece of information I do have came from stickers attached to a couple of slides which gave the name and address of the photographer, a D. H. Barber who was living in the Farnborough area of Hampshire at the time. They provide an invaluable portrait of Broadland during the 1970s and are a superb addition to the archive. More from the collection can be seen in the 1980s Gallery.

<< Pages 1-10 Houseboat at Wroxham 1971 The view from Hoveton Kings Head 1971 The view from Hoveton Kings Head 1971 Swans on the River Bure at Wroxham 1971 Houseboats at Porter & Haylett 1971 The voew from Wroxham Bridge 1971 The voew from Wroxham Bridge 1971 Riverside bungalows at Wroxham c1971 The pleasure wherry Sundog 1971 Riverside bungalows at Horning c1971 Riverside bungalow at Horning 1971 Wherry Albion at Horning 1971 Sabre 2 day boat 1971 Norfolk Broads day boat 1971 St Benet's Abbey 1971 St Benet's Abbey 1971 Emiline 1 1970s Coltishall 1970s Wroxham Bridge 1970s The River Bure and the Hotel Wroxham 1970s Wroxham Bridge 1970s Wroxham Broad 1970s Wroxham Broad 1970s Top

The Barber family on board the houseboat they hired in 1971. This appears to be moored alongside the Kings Head Hotel at Hoveton and, although I can’t find this particular vessel in either Blake’s or Hoseason’s brochures of that year, similar four berth houseboats cost around £36 for a week in mid summer of that year. Interestingly, in 1971 Blake’s represented thirty nine boatyards and Hoseason’s a whopping sixty two. You can she The Horse Shoes pub in the background which a contemporary tourist guide described as being; “A big Watney Mann house built in 1962. English cooking, full lunch and dinner; snacks and sandwiches available. Bars and restaurant overlook the river. There are pleasant lawns, a large patio and rides for children.” Whilst not strictly “built” in 1962, it was certainly refurbished and extended at this time.

Another view, looking across towards the Horse Shoes at Hoveton. The boat on the right is one of Porter and Haylett’s Emiline class, which the family later went on to hire. On the far left you can see the stern of B190 Silver Dawn and I think you can see the bow of D124 Sleekline amongst the boats on the right.

Another photograph taken from the Kings Head wharf in 1971. The sailing cruiser is Twilight 5 from Herbert Woods and the motor cruiser on the right is one of Richardson’s Minstrel or Serenade class.

A rainy day at the houseboat - looking towards the Horse Shoes once again.

Houseboats alongside Porter and Haylett’s boatyard at Wroxham. The two on the right were Angela and Bryher which slept four and cost between £16 and 31 per week to hire in 1971. I think the houseboat on the far left may be Susie Wong.

The view looking downstream from Wroxham Bridge in 1971. This must have been taken shortly before the boat sheds on the left, belonging to Powles, were demolished and replaced by the Hotel Wroxham. It’s a very different scene to that which we see today as so much redevelopment has taken place here over the last 55 years.

Taken at the same time as the previous image, panning round to show the Wroxham bank of the river.

Riverside properties alongside the River Bure at Wroxham, also c1971.

The pleasure wherry Sundog seen moored on the River Bure near Wroxham in 1971. Built by Daniel Hall at Reedham in 1906, she was originally named Ecila (Alice spelt backwards). Jamie Campbell provided the following information; “Sundog was owned by H.A.Morris (father of Stewart – the most successful dinghy sailor of his generation). HAM was a London hop wholesaler and the founding commodore of the Norfolk Punt Club. The family spent entire summers on Sundog following the Broads regattas. Their boatman was Cubitt Nudd (formerly boatman to Emma Turner and latterly rigger at Herbert Woods) Herbert Morris died in 1935, when the Morrris family fleet was dispersed.” Sadly, just nine years after this photograph was taken, Sundog was photographed in a very sorry state, hauled out of the water onto dry land at Geldeston. A botched attempt at restoration saw her collapse and she ended her days as firewood.

More riverside bungalows - I think these are probably Horning.

Another, thatched riverside bungalow - is this Horning or Wroxham?

The wherry Albion moored on the River Bure near Horning in the early 1970s.. You can see St Benedict’s Church and the Old Vicarage in the background. The board displayed on the bow gives details of the Norfolk Wherry Trust under whose care Albion has been since  the trust was formed in 1949.

The Barber family hired the day boat Sabre II from Porter and Haylett whilst holidaying on the houseboat in 1971. They are moored in Fleet Dyke at South Walsham in this photograph - you can just see the mill tower of St Benet’s Abbey ruins in the background.

Another view of R695 Sabre II at the Fleet Dyke moorings in 1971.

St Benet’s Abbey ruins, pictured in 1971.

The Barber Family visiting St Benet’s Abbey in 1971.

The Barber Family returned to the Broads two or three years later, but took to the water in motor cruisers hired from Porter and Haylett at Wroxham. There are two of the Emiline class featured amongst the slides. It’s impossible to tell whether they had two holidays in one year, or whether these were two different years. This is A346 Emiline I which had two single berths in the forward cabin, a double dinette/ saloon behind the wheelhouse with a galley and WC aft. The cost of a week’s hire during the summer of 1973 was around £79.

Riverside house at Coltishall, photographed in the early 1970s.

A misty Wroxham c1974, looking across to the Hotel Wroxham which has the Southern Comfort passenger boat moored alongside. The Southern Comfort moved to it’s current home in Horning in 1979.

Presumably taken on the same morning as the previous photograph. Looking back towards Wroxham Bridge from the upstream public moorings.

Another photograph of Wroxham Bridge from the early to mid 1970s.

Wroxham Broad c1973 with one of the River Police launches seen centre.

Wroxham Broad again where two, fully laden Broads Tours passenger launches are seen making there way through.

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