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1970s Photo Gallery

More of the Aylott Family photographs from the 1970s

Wherry Albion on the River Thurne 1978

The wherry Albion passes St. Benet’s Level drainage mill on the River Thurne in 1978.

Dutch Tutch Potter Heigham 1978

Rob and Alison Aylott at Potter Heigham with “Dutch Tutch” seen in the background.

Herbert Woods Potter Heigham 1978

The Herbert Woods Broadshaven yard at Potter Heigham, pictured in 1978.

Potter Heigham 1978

Approaching Potter Heigham Bridge in 1978.

The Aylott Family 1978

Harry, Alison and Rob Aylott are greeted by one of the local residents during their holiday.

St Benets Abbey 1978

Harry, Alison and Joan Aylott pictured at St. Benet’s Abbey in 1978.

Ludham Bridge 1978

W408 “Burgh Duchess” approaches Ludham Bridge in 1978 - Ludham Bridge boatyard can be seen on the left.

Horning Ferr Inn 1978

The Ferry Inn at Horning, also pictured in 1978.

The Norfolk Broads 1978

I’m not quite sure of the location of this image - Alison and Rob Aylott with friends in the dinghy!

Southern Comfort at Wroxham 1978

“Southern Comfort” pictured outside the Hotel Wroxham in 1978. The Mississippi style paddle steamer originally ran trips from outside the hotel but moved to its current home at Horning in 1979.

The Beehive, Wroxham 1978

The final photograph from 1978 shows the old Beehive Stores building at Wroxham.

Wroxham and Hoveton have been the subject of some major redevelopment over the years. From the substantial, thatched riverside houses erected during the late Victorian and Edwardian eras through to the modern housing complexes which have been erected on the sites of former boatyards in more recent years. The 1920s and 1930s were also a time of great change and development and the following set of photographs relate to a property named Kia Manzi, one of three identical villas which were erected on Daisy Broad at Hoveton during those inter-war years. The photographs were sent to me by Chris Raynor whose grandfather owned Kia Manzi in the 1960s and 1970s. Some of these are likely to date from the late 1960s, but rather than split the collection up, I’ve decided to keep them together here.

Kia Manzi Wroxham c1970

Kia Manzi pictured in the late 1960s. One of three identical, two storey villas, by the time this photo was taken the other two, Southerholme and Broadwaters, had been remodelled to become single story holiday homes after the lower floors were removed. It seems that all three properties began to sink over the years due to having been built on what was essentially marshland. The villa was believed to have been christened Kia Manzi by the former owner who was a retired RAF officer. Chris said “It’s Swahili, I think, as he had served in Africa and seemed very keen on all things African. The house came to us complete with African ‘tribal’-style bric-a-brac, which as a child, I found a bit frightening.

The view from the River Bure, looking into Daisy Broad with, from left to right, Kia Manzi, Southernholme and Broadwaters. The latter two were demolished and rebuilt c1995, Kia Manzi was replaced in more recent years and it’s a view which looks very different today!

Daisy Broad, Wroxham

John and Margaret Raynor in the garden of Kia Manzi, looking across Daisy Broad towards Royall’s boatyard.

Kia Manzi 1970s

Daisy Broad, pictured in the early 1970s, with Kia Manzi on the left and the main Brinkcraft boatshed ahead.

Daisy Broad Wroxham 1970s

The view from the upper floor of Kia Manzi. Looking across towards the Brinkcraft boatyard.

Kia Manzi, Wroxham 1970s

John and Chris Raynor pictured in the garden of Kia Manzi in the early 1970s.

A small collection of photographs taken in the 1970s by Mick Middleton who has been a regular visitor and boat owner on the Norfolk Broads since 1958. Mick’s photos from that first holiday can be found here, whilst a selection of images taken by him in 1969 can be found here.

Horning Regatta 1974

Negotiating their way through some of the competitors at Horning Regatta in 1974.

River Cruiser Brigand sinking 1976

The photographs above and below were taken in July 1976 and show the recovery of the river cruiser “Brigand” after it was hit and sunk by the coaster A.King 1 at Reedham Ferry. A contemporary newspaper report on the incident said that whilst heading upstream towards Norwich, the coaster had rounded the bend as it approached the ferry but failed to straighten up, it’s bow catching a motor cruiser and a yacht before colliding with the ferry itself. The ferry was put out of action by the damage caused. The motor cruiser, one of F.B. Wilds Caribbean Major class, suffered some damage but was deemed to be safe for the unhurt, but rather shaken family on board to continue their fortnights holiday. The yacht was not so fortunate, sustaining major damage as the bow of the coaster crushed it against the quay heading. The family of four on board were helped to scramble ashore as the privately owned sailing cruiser began to sink, one of the party sustaining a gash to the head during the collision but thankfully, and possibly miraculously,  all survived.

River Cruiser Brigand sinking 1976

A636 “Brigand” being craned out of the water at Reedham Ferry after being hit and sunk by the coaster in July 1976. The 28ft, 4 berth Brigand class, was built by Alfred Pegg and Sons of Wroxham c1933. Although Brigand was originally available for hire through the Pegg boatyard, she later became part of the fleet run by the Norfolk Broads Yachting Company before being sold into private ownership c1974. Brigand was repaired and is still sailing on the Norfolk Broads today.

Queen of the Broads 1970s

The passenger steamer “Queen of the Broads” pictured in the mid 1970s, shortly before she was decommissioned and broken up.

Coasters on the River Yare 1970s

Coasters on the River Yare, pictured by Mick Middleton in the 1970s.

The Golden Galleon 1970s

Passing the “Golden Galleon” on Breydon Water in the 1970s. The Golden Galleon was an ex-admiralty Fairmile B ML-162 which had been built by Dickie & Sons at Bangor in 1942. During WW2 she was believed to have sunk an enemy raider off Weymouth, shot down six German planes and was also involved in the D- Day landings. She operated as a trip boat on the Norfolk Broads for many years, but spent the last few years of her life sitting at Reedham, slowly rotting away. Attempts were made to find a new owner and to rescue this historic vessel but sadly, towards the end of 2006 she was towed to St. Olaves where she was broken up.

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