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Gathering together the shorter personal memories about holidays and life in Broadland during the 1980s.

Collected Personal Memories Of The 1980s

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We begin the 1980s section with some memories from Iain Hamilton of  being on the Norfolk Broads during the hurricane which hit Britain on the night of the 15th October 1987:

We had moored up on the Thursday afternoon at Norwich Yacht Station on Aston Otter. Went into the city in the evening and I remember it was a very balmy night. One would never have thought what was to happen later that night! Having heard Michael Fish say we would not be hit with a hurricane, one had a night cap and tottered off to bed about 00.15am.

The next thing I remember was a bang as the boat hit the concrete quay with the ropes slack due to the waves racing down the river. This was about 4.30am ish. We put on the local Radio Broadland on to listen to what was happening. At this point I watched a Reliant Kitten being blown across the road on the hill off the main YS road. Dawn broke and I could see the destruction more clearly, trees uprooted, The Bridge Inn with barely a slate tile left on one side and our boat bobbing up and down! I eventually ventured out with lifejacket on to retie the ropes for our boat and another chap and I retied several craft. I may add my head being battered by the cones off the trees. The noise going over the sliding roof was to say the least scary but thankfully it remained intact. Eventually had breakfast but boiling the kettle was done with a lot of care due to the motion of the boat. I dread to think what it was like on say an Aston Scimitar class which is so buoyant! Anyway I was facing the wrong way to get off back to Loddon. But using the old rope on post routine I managed to turn her facing the right way. I may add we went over to the Red Lion for a large malt whisky each, purely for medicinal purposes of course!

We eventually left the Yacht Station about mid day with heads looking out from other craft. I think we were about first to try moving in the wind. Had to tie the stern ropes onto the grab rails so they would not fall onto the prop! At times going down the Yare it was like if not worse than crossing Breydon on a very windy day! After much fighting keeping the boat straight we turned into the Chet to find utter chaos ahead of us. Boats with twisted canopies and two on dry land trying to get past a fallen tree. Eventually we got back to Loddon passing Gale Cruisers busy tying down centre cockpit canopies. Dave Pipe sent two lads down in their workboat with a chainsaw to clear the trees from the river. We packed up the car not knowing if we would get out of Loddon in the morning as the road was blocked and no power either. Went to the Kings Head in the evening, bliss, they were still serving food as they had gas cookers, and candles lighting up the whole bar, brill it was. Someone cleared a way out of Loddon for us, back off 8am on the Saturday, and I headed back into Norwich, no by pass in those days, just utter devastation at the Norfolk Show Ground and trees ripped through tar covered roads etc. 17 hours later I parked the car back in Troon, an experience never to be forgotten!!


Alison Diss contacted with memories of her honeymoon on the Broads in 1989:

After leaving our wedding reception in the late afternoon, and after a stop for quick refreshments on the way, we arrived in Wroxham at Jack Powles yard (then part of Pennant Holidays) to begin our honeymoon. Arriving at the yard we found a note pinned to reception telling us to go aboard and make ourselves comfortable then someone would see us at 8.30 the following morning, so we got aboard Crystal Emblem and settled in. After unpacking, making the bed and having a cup of cocoa, we fell into bed and went straight to sleep. We did not consummate the marriage.

The next morning, after being shown the boat and having had our trial run, we moored up as near as possible to Roys , stocked up with supplies and then set off for the River Ant. When we got to the Ant we headed for Stalham where we were going to visit relatives who could not be at the wedding. When we arrived in Stalham we tied up and started walking to my relatives home, my new husband complained all the way about the walk. We arrived at their house and spent a few hours having tea then walked back to the boat then, after more cocoa, went to bed. The next day we woke up and set off back down the Ant, then on to the Thurne and thence on to Potter where we moored up for the night. After a meal out at the Falgate we went to bed and the next day we headed to Coltishall. When we got there we could not get a mooring so ended up at Belaugh. After that my new husband decided we should end our honeymoon early to visit some friends of his in Lincolnshire which, much to my annoyance, we did. Needless to say he is now not my husband any more.