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The Broadland Memories Archive gathers together photographs, films and personal memories of life and leisure on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads from the late 19th century to the late 1990s and also includes articles on various aspects of Broadland’s history along with a collection of old postcards and other ephemera.

The idea for the Broadland Memories website was born out of a strong interest in the history of boating for pleasure on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads and a desire to archive some of the many wonderful old holiday photos I had seen, and to make these images available online, in one place, for others to enjoy. Most importantly, I wanted to ensure that these historic images of Broadland would not be lost. As I began to piece together the plans for what I wanted to achieve, I felt that it was also important to include some of the history of the area to accompany those images. I’ve always felt that one of the best ways to discover more about the history of any subject, and to capture the past, is by first hand accounts, written by the people who were there. So the inclusion of personal memories of holidaying, or living and working in Broadland, became an integral part of the plans for the website.

The Broadland Memories website was launched on the 3rd November 2006 and has grown steadily over the last nine years. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of fascinating and historic material which has been submitted – from holiday memories and snaps from the 1960s to rare collections of images from the Edwardian era. All are of great interest, and all are of historic importance as they provide a valuable insight into how the area and boating on the Broads has changed over the years, and the social history of the region during the 20th century. From very humble beginnings, the website has now grown to encompass a broad array of the region’s history. The archive is, however, very much an ongoing project with areas of the website still to complete – the research and writing of the historical overviews of the different eras is still continuing as, and when, time allows and will be published once finished. New submissions are being added to the website on a regular basis, links to which can be found on the “What’s New” page.

The Archive

The Archive itself is divided into seven main eras from Victorian times up to the 1990s. Under each era you will find sections for the history/overview, photo gallery pages, and personal stories/memories. The main archive directory page also includes links to other areas of the website. The More History section contains articles on various aspects of Broadland’s history which have been written for, or submitted to the archive. You can compare old photographs and postcards with modern day images of the same scenes in the Then & Now pages and in the Paper & Ephemera section you’ll will find old newspaper cuttings, documents, boating invoices and letters, advertisements, maps and old postcards etc. The Norfolk Broads on Film section gathers together historic footage of the area via the Broadland Memories YouTube Channel where I've uploaded old cine film of the Broads which has been donated to, or purchased by the archive. The playlists also link to some fascinating old cine films of Broadland from the 1930s to the 1990s, plus videos related to the history of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, which have been uploaded by other users. In October 2010, the Broadland Memories Blog was launched – here you’ll find sneak previews of new submissions and forthcoming additions, updates of what is going on behind the scenes, a selection of archive material which may not necessarily make it onto the main website for one reason or another, and a rather random and eclectic range of articles about Broadland’s past including some of the more light-hearted and quirky aspects of boating and holidaying on the Broads over the years. More than anything, it’s a useful notebook for me to jot down information as I work on new additions for the website but it’s also proved to be invaluable in seeking further help and information from a wider audience. You can also follow Broadland Memories on Twitter and Facebook for lots more old photos, postcards & history of the region.

If you or your family have any old photographs of Broadland, or can help with memories, stories or holiday tales then please get in contact with me. If you have lived or worked in Broadland over the years and have some interesting tales to tell or can provide any information about its history then I would be delighted to hear from you. If you have written, or are interested in writing an article on any aspect of Broadland’s history for inclusion in the “More History” section then please do get in contact. You will be given full credit for anything you submit and you will be helping to preserve the history of the area for future generations, as well as providing a wonderful online resource for those who are researching the history of the area or just have an interest in The Norfolk Broads.

The archive would not be what it is without all of the wonderful contributions of photographs, memories and other items which I have received over the years – my thanks to everyone who has contributed in this way. Thank you also to Andrew Day for his ongoing support, technical expertise and assistance with research and to all those others who I occasionally press-gang into helping with scanning, research or providing information – your help is very much appreciated.


Broadland Memories is a not for profit website, the running costs of which  have, so far, been funded by myself and by the sale of the two DVD’s which have been produced for the archive. All profits received from the sale of the DVD’s are ploughed back into the website to cover running costs and to assist the purchase of further collections of photographs, films and ephemera for the archive. As of the beginning of  2015, a change in personal circumstance means that I am unable to spare much in the way of my own money towards the ongoing costs of running and maintaining the website, so I have had to appeal for donations to ensure that the archive can continue.

It was a difficult decision for me to take as I had always hoped to cover these costs on my own, but your donations will ensure that I can continue to buy and add new photographs and historic films of the Norfolk & Suffolk Broads to the archive and keep on top of the software and hardware upgrades which are needed to keep the website running. If you can help in any small way, please use the donations button on the right. Payments are via the secure PayPal website - you don’t need a PayPal account to make a donation as all major debit and credit cards are accepted. Many thanks!


Broadland Memories will not pass on any personal information, i.e. email addresses or contact details, to any third party without your express permission. I am occasionally asked for permission to use images on other websites or in publications - where copyright exists on those photographs or other material, permission will be sought from the copyright owner before passing that material on to any third party.

Broadland Memories does not use cookies to collect any personal information (e.g. ISP addresses) from anyone who visits the website. The webcounter on the home page counts each visit to that page but does not gather or store any information about the visitor.

Submitting photographs

I am always delighted to receive any stories or memories of Broadland and photographs of any size and quality to store within the archive. Unfortunately, I am unable to display all submitted photographs on the website but do try to use as many as I can, however, everything is archived and stored permanently. To enable me to display photos on the site I need an absolute minimum of 800 pixels in width for those in landscape format, and 500 pixels in width for those in the portrait format, obviously the higher resolution the better as it enables me to pick out some of the smaller details within the images. Please don’t let that put you off sending in any photographs you have as everything is gratefully received. If you need any advice about scanning or emailing photographs for the archive then please get in contact and I will do my best to advise. Please try to include as much information as you can about the photographs - the year that they were taken (or approximation) and location if known etc.


All photographs are archived as they have been sent in, with no digital correction or alteration. Those which are displayed on the website are digitally re mastered, where possible, to remove colour casts, correct brightness and contrast and to clean up spots and marks to enable better viewing. Sometimes it may also be necessary to crop images for web display. To give you an idea of the correction which is possible, and that has been done, I have included a couple of examples below.

Acle 1920s before Acle 1920s after

The photograph on the left is an example of one of the poorer condition images which I have had to work on. Not only were there many spots and splodges on the photo, but much of the detail was missing due to a combination of over exposure and fading. By carefully adjusting the contrast and brightness, much of that lost detail has now been restored and the worst of the marks were removed.

Norfolk Broads 1960s before Norfolk Broads 1960s after

The photograph on the left had a strange pink colour cast which was removed and a more natural tone  restored to the image., the camera flare spots in the top right have also been toned down.

Submitting film

The Norfolk Broads on Film section of the archive is relatively new and is growing slowly to provide a wonderful record of the area on film from the 1930s to the 1990s. If you have old cine footage of the Norfolk Broads which you would be happy to donate, or have had old footage transferred to either DVD or VHS then I would love to see it. Films for the archive are currently uploaded via the Broadland Memories YouTube channel where they are freely available to view.

If you have old family cine films, video or audio tapes which you would like to have transferred for yourself then I can highly recommend Video Impact at Loddon who offer a very professional service at competitive rates. They offer mail order facilities too if you are not local to the area.

Video Impact

Submitting personal memories and holiday tales

I am always pleased to hear people’s memories of Broadland too - however brief or long they may be! Smaller snippets of holiday memories may be included within the “Collected Memories” sections of the various eras, so if you are not able to recall enough to write a full blown account, then please don’t let that put you off telling me what you can remember!

Submitting Paper & Ephemera

If you have any old Broads related newspaper cuttings, documents, hire invoices, letters, postcards, advertisements, brochures, holiday guides, etc., then I would also be very pleased to receive scans of these items for inclusion within the archive or for my own research purposes.


Please remember when using the Broadland Memories archive that all photographs, stories and written articles are protected by copyright and should not be copied for use in the public domain without the express permission of the copyright holder or Broadland Memories.

If you see a photograph within the archive which you believe to be incorrectly attributed then please contact us. We will endeavour to investigate all possible copyright infringements and, if proven, we will either remove the image or ensure that it is correctly attributed.


I try to ensure that all information within Broadland Memories is correct; however, if you do spot any mistakes then please do get in contact. I always welcome corrections or further information about any aspect of Broadland’s history or the photographs displayed on the website. Wherever possible I have spoken to the contributors to gain as much information as I can about the photographs submitted. The holiday tales and personal stories are generally unedited and are published as submitted by the contributors.

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