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Postcards of the Norfolk Broads


Back to Postcards The River Bure at Belaugh, early 1900s

The River Bure at Belaugh, early 1900s.

St. Peter’s Church at Belaugh c1908

St. Peter’s Church at Belaugh c1908.

The River Bure at Belaugh c1960

The River Bure at Belaugh c1960.

The River Bure at Belaugh c1960

Another view of the same scene from the 1960s.

The River Bure and St. Peter’s Church at Belaugh c1970s

The River Bure and St. Peter’s Church at Belaugh c1970s.

Top Belaugh c1911 Belaugh Church c1920s St Peter's Church Belaugh c1907 Christmas Greetings from Belaugh 1907 The River Bure at Belaugh c1928 Belaugh Village and Church 1930s Belaugh St Peter's Church c1931 Aerial view of Belaugh c1980s

Posted in 1911, this card features the boatyard of C. & G. Press at Belaugh.

A lovely postcard showing St Peter’s Church in the 1920s.

The following set of six postcards were kindly sent to me by Rob Aylott. This one was posted in 1907.

Christmas Greetings from Belaugh, posted in 1907.

Another art postcard of the River Bure and Belaugh Church. This has to rank fairly highly amongst the most photographed and painted Broadland scenes over the years.

Moving on to the 1930s, the yachts and rowing boats had been replaced by a dinghy which presumably had an outboard motor attached. This is a hand coloured photographic view.

St Peter’s Church and the riverside at Belaugh, posted in 1931.

The final postcard from Rob Aylott’s collection is an aerial view from the 1980s which shows the Belaugh Boats hire fleet lined up alongside the boatyard. Belaugh Boats changed their name to Moonfleet Marine in 2003 and moved the hire business to Stalham, amalgamating with the existing Rivercraft fleet there. More recently, the Moonfleet base at Stalham has been taken over by the Richardson’s Group. The boatyard at Belaugh is still there, offering traditional repair, restoration and maintenance services to classic boats along with building new yachts and launches.