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Postcards of the Norfolk Broads


Back to Postcards The Recruiting Sergeant at Horstead c1910.

The Recruiting Sergeant at Horstead c1910.

The River Bure at Horstead 1904

The River Bure at Horstead. This was posted in 1904 but I think the original photograph was probably taken in the late 1800s – I wonder if it was actually by John Payne Jennings? The bowler-hatted gentleman in the rowing boat is sitting at the entrance to the cut which led up to Horstead mill, the branch on the right leading to Coltishall/Horstead lock. The river Bure was navigable up to Aylsham until the devastating flood of August 26th 1912. The damage caused to the locks was too costly to repair and the navigation was closed. You can read more about the history of the Aylsham Navigation in this Broadland memories blog post.

Horstead Mill c1910.

Horstead Mill c1910. This was a much photographed building over the years but was sadly destroyed by fire in January 1963. You can find out more about the mill’s history on the Broadland Memories blog post linked to on the previous postcard.

Top Groves End Horstead c1917 Groves End pub Horstead c1918

The building you can see in this c1917 postcard is believed to be the old Groves End pub which was listed as being in Horstead, but actually stood alongside the River Bure between Wroxham and Belaugh near to one of the entrances to the  marl pits which were collectively known as Little Switzerland. The pub is recorded as having been destroyed by fire c1941.

Another view of the Groves End pub, posted in 1918. A pleasure wherry can be seen disappearing round the bend.