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Pre 1900

A Cruise On The Norfolk Broads - by Anna Bowman Dodd 1895


Collected Personal Memories 1900-1949

Notes from an Edwardian Seaside Holiday - 1908 & 1909

Honeymoon on the Broads 1918 - Original ships log by E.L. Champness, transcribed to PDF by Bruce Robb (PDF 1,369 kb will open in new window)

The "Bach" on The Broads 1913 - Original ships log by E.L. Champness transcribed to PDF by Bruce Robb (PDF 2,760 kb will open in new window)

The Cruise of the Merriment - Norfolk Broads August 1919 The third original sailing log in the series from E.L. Champness transcribed to PDF by Bruce Robb (PDF 2,438 kb will open in new window)

Memories Of 1930s Broadland - by Ken Harrison

The Cruise of the Norman 1934 - original photographic journal compiled by Christine Thorn published in full 50 pages (PDF 6.29 Mb will open in new window)

  A Norfolk Broads Holiday 1939 (Fine Sailing on Inland Waters) by A.C. Gee

The Log Of Moonbeam - August 26th to September 1st 1939

My early life in Thorpe Saint Andrew 1943 - 1956 by Derrick Powell

The Log of Corinthian - June 1949 by Brenda & Jeffery Hammond


Collected Personal Memories Of 1950s Broadland

My First Broads Holiday September 1955 - Ron Harrison

Memories Of Broadland Holidays In The 1950s - by Ron Harrison

Memories Of Broadland Holidays In The 1950s & 1960s - by Gordon Parker

Memories Of Moores Boats In The 50s & 60s - by Charles Roebuck

Extracts From The Wherry Dragon’s Logs 1950-58 - by Brig H.E. Hopthrow

A Week On Panda In May 1957 - by Joan Lowe

Memories of my First Broads Holiday in 1954 - by Alan Clarke

Norada (Lady Edith) 1959 to 1961 - by John Barrow


Collected Personal Memories Of 1960s Broadland

My First Broadland Cruise c1960 - by Brian Kermode

 The Log of The Mandarin II May 1964 - by E. Neighbour

My Holiday On The Broads During World Cup Final Week 1966 - Keith Gingell

Boating Tales From The 1960s & 1970s - by Michael J. Hannant

My First Broads Holiday 1968 - by David Campbell

Memories of the 1960s &1970s - by Joyce Chesney

Memories of the 1960s - by John Turner

Memories of working on the Broads Police launch in the 1960s - by Ray Spinks


Collected Personal Memories Of 1970s Broadland

My First Boating Holiday “Golden Star” 1972 - by Terry Clarke

My First Hire In September 1972 - by Hugh Moxon

Boating Tales From The 1970s - by Arthur

My Holiday In Horning 1975 - by Kevin Gingell

My Broads Holiday 1975 - by Steve


Collected Personal Memories of 1980s Broadland

Our Honeymoon on the Broads in 1980 - by BriJan

My First Hire Trip As An Owner In 1987 - by Hugh Moxon


There are currently no Personal Stories / Memories listed under this era.

If you have a story to contribute then please do get in contact with us.

This is the main directory page for all holiday tales and stories contributed to the Broadland Archive. Where photos have been submitted to accompany the stories, links are provided to take you to see them on the relevant photo gallery page/pages. If you have memories of holidaying or working on the Norfolk Broads to contribute to the archive then please do get in contact.


Holiday Tales & Personal Memories